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Al Nasr welcomes student delegation from the University of North Carolina US

The visit comes as part of the university's plan for the students completing graduation projects and they selected Al Nasr Cultural & Sports Club as an icon of sports facilities in Dubai. After winning the draft submitted by the student "Joe Brown" one of the university students last year, the admiration of all who talked about the Al Nasr club as State's oldest clubs and one of the most prominent clubs in the Middle East and also inspired by facilities of the club, the delegation also visited a number of facilities and tourist attractions in Dubai and famous companies.

At the beginning of the visit, Mr. / Saeed Al Muhairi welcomed the guests and presented a brief history of the club, its available facilities, and objectives of the club, and their aspirations for the future and the most prominent achievements in its history since its inception and also highlighted the confrontations hosted by Al Nasr in Dubai with the oldest and strongest international teams such as Brazilian Santos and English teams Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham, and answered questions raised by the "Timothy Floyd" and a group of students about how to invest in the management of football clubs and contracting with the players under the laws of professionalism as well as how to bring in sponsors.

The delegation was briefed on the existing facilities in Al Maktoum Stadium and were keen to pick up the memorial pictures on the pitch next to the official logo of the Al Nasr club is located in the corridor leading to the stadium, and in the end of the visitors were given the gifts.

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