Prandelli: We will fight for win and have no hesitation in re-joining Barrada

Tuesday, 9 January 2018 - 6:15pm

"Winning and nothing else is what we are looking for against Sharjah match, the players are physically and technically in full readiness to provide the best and we will not forget what happened in the first round due to lack of conciliation despite the full control of the game, which is an additional incentive for players to win and rehabilitation in Second round ", Cesare Prandelli the coach of first football team spoke today at the pre match press conference of Al Nasr and Sharjah in the 12th round of the Aarbian Gulf League.

"Despite the absence of many players, the current squad is capable of confronting any team and winning," he said. "We asked the players to maintain the highest level of focus in Thursday's game and to fight for the win, especially as it will be a great moral boost in the start of the second round matches. "

"As I said earlier, the decision to remove him from the team's list did not diminish his technical abilities, but he was a purely technical point of view. When I had the chance to bring him back to the list, I did not hesitate. He is quite ready for the next games. "

For his part, Salem Saleh said that the team is fully prepared for the upcoming confrontation against Sharjah, stressing that there are more than one player ready to defend the slogan of the Al Nasr in order to win to cheer the fans, waiting for championships and the management of the club, which provides their full support.

"We are fully prepared to present the true picture of the Al Nasr team in the second round and we hope that Allah Almighty will help us in achieving the results that will help us, and always armed with morale and professionalism."



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