Positive draw held in the derby

Friday, 24 November 2017 - 11:00pm

Al Nasr ended game against Shabab Al Ahli Dubai with a positive draw in the the 9th round match of Arabian Gulf League that took place this evening at Shabab Al Ahli Dubai Stadium - Al Aweer Branch.

The match started with some mutual attacks between the two teams and did not constitute a danger until the first quarter, and then increased the attacks where Shabab Al Ahli managed to score the goal in the "31st" minute by their striker Diop.

After the goal of Shabab All Ahli Dubai, Al Nasr strikers made several attacks by Zarate and Marcelo with the assists of Jassim Yaqoob and Mahmoud Khamis but did not succeed until the referee announced the end of first half, where Shabab Al Ahli Dubai advanced with a goal.

Al Nasr entered second half without a change in the squad with an intensification of attacks and pressure on the Shabab Al Ahli Dubai until they managed to change the result by Zarate's superb goal from a free-kick directly settled inside the net in the minute "55".

In the 65th minute, coach Prandelli made the first change in the midfield with Ali Hussein replacing Tariq Ahmed, where Al Nasr attacks became more dangerous.

In the 80th minute Al Nasr took the second choice with Jasim Yaqoob replaced by Rashid Omar.

The match continued without changing the outcome despite the both sides attempts until the referee's whistle announcing the end of the game, the two teams with a goal for each to share the points, Al Nasr raised to 14 points and fifth place in the overall standings.

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