Al Nasr lost to Sharjah due to injuries and absence of most prominent players

Thursday, 11 January 2018 - 10:30pm

Al Nasr lost against Sharjah by 2 - 1 at Shabab Al Ahli Stadium (Al Aweer) in the 12th round match of the Arabian Gulf League.

The match began with a tough and equal opportunites and mutual attacks by the two teams until the 16th minute of the first half when the referee call for a penalty, Vander Viera scored the first goal for Sharjah team, and a minute later Rashid Mohammed Omar was almost to equal the result for Al Nasr team.

At 31st minute Salem Saleh benefited from a wonderful pass from Masood Sulaiman to convert it cleverly into the net of Sharjah to score the equaliser for Al Nasr team.

After the equalizer the attacks by Rashid Mohammed, Salem Saleh and Khaled Jalal increased, which constituted a danger to the goal of Sharjah until the referee announced the end of the first half with draw by the two teams a goal for each.

In the second half, Al Nasr started the game with a regular attack against Sharjah.

Al Nasr made the first change in the 62nd minute when Ibrahim Abbas replaced by Mahmoud Khamis, then the second switch in the 85th minute when Saeed Suwaidan replaced Salem Saleh.

Inter-attacks between the two sides continued as there were opportunities for a winning attack, as Sharjah get chance by Suhail Al Mansouri who took advantage of an opportunity in the 86th minute and scored the second goal for Sharjah.

Al Nasr took their third subsituation in the 90th minute when Ali Hussein replaced by Mohammed Ibrahim. There was no change in the match result until the referee announced  whistle to the end of the game with Sharjah's 2-1 win over Al-Nasr.


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